If something were to happen to you today, Do you have an Emergency Fund?

If you are looking at organising your expenses and finding financial stability the first step is to create an emergency fund, If you were involved in an accident today, for how long can you rely on your emergency funds? If the answer to that question is zero to three weeks, we have identified a problem. Before you start saving money for holidays, travelling and activities, you have to put in place a personal emergency fund.

No matter what your income or future goals are, you have to have reserved money for any unexpected situations, like losing your job, getting sick or car repairs. As soon as you take money out of your funds, make it a priority to put it back.

There is no shortcut to saving for an emergency fund, but we can offer free individual face to face sessions to help you to start a plan and follow a strategy. Everything at PHBS is confidential and Non-judgemental.