Budgeting made easy.

If you feel like living on a budget is difficult and stressful, we have the perfect guide to help you to reach financial freedom.

1.- Don’t spend money that you don’t have: Usually, people tend to apply for loans when buying things like a car, furniture or a holiday. Before taking the responsibility of a loan, always analyse the possibilities, for example, if that investment won’t generate money in the future, like a house or a new business, it’s very likely that you are taking the wrong decision. Always think about your Return on Investment.

2.- Before you get paid, make a plan for your money: PHBS offers free service to help you create the perfect plan that fits your income. It’s simple just contact us through email budgeting@phbs.org.nz 

3.- As soon as you get paid, pay your bills first: this is a crucial point to success, learn to prioritise what you need and identify what you want.

4.- Do your research, compare prices, coupons and deals: Many platforms allow you to get exclusive deals, often if you answer surveys they will give you some coupons for your next purchase. However, consider that not every coupon needs to be used, use them smartly and only for the things that you need.

5.- Save 10% of your income: It requires a lot of effort to not spend the money that you are saving, a simple tip is to designate ten per cent of your income to a savings account in a different bank than the one you use on a daily basis. Do not download the app on your phone and avoid checking your balance often. Set automatic payments and let your savings grow.